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NEMO Work is the first innovative human resources registry enterprise in Hungary which, by means of its individual service portfolio, answers the topics of fluctuation. With its co-thinking philosophy the company confirms the employee’s engagement towards the customer.
Our values
Our values

Our activity can be based on the values as follows

Unique service portfolio

Co-thinking philosophy

Many years’ professional experience

Openness, flexibility, maximal customer-oriented approach


using the action plan with 93 points a considerable reduction of fluctuation can be attained.

According to the credo of the company any labour force borrowing enterprise is working successfully only if the customer is satisfied, namely all this can be realized only if the borrowed employee is also satisfied and all this means the so-called co-thinking philosophy. Since a walk of life of any employee consists of several little parts: recruitment, selection, care on the first day, onboarding, evaluation of performance, proficiency, development trainings, leaving interview. Our duty is to select the suitable employees, to develop the company’s engagement towards the customer, as well as we have to maintain the coworkers for a long distance.

Moreover we have a primary aim by which a certain segment should be addressed on the supercharged market of labour force borrowing in Hungary where the customer contact, the high level of services and the authentic consulting are essential. We would like to collaborate with all the customer who think globally, believe in an efficient integration process. That is, who are sure that the fluctuation is the highest expense for any company.

Our services
Our services


Labour force borrowing

Since its establishment, since 2016 the NEMO Work contributed with more than 150 coworkers to the partners’ operation. Our duty is to select the proper employees, to develop the enterprise’s engagement towards the customer party, as well as we have to maintain the coworkers for a longer distance. We can offer concrete service for proper selection and maintenance of the labour force, which has priority for our all contracted partners in recent years.



Making interviews

Survey of actual situation, some difficulties and challenges in the life of the company, knowing the strong points on which the recruitment strategy can be based.


The selection process should be harmonised with the company’s objectives, with the HR strategy and the directives should be defined.


Establishment of the recruitment area, development of the tools to be used for recruitment, all these are done together with the partner company.

Definition of processes, establishment of frames and rules

Condition system of prescreening, determination of maximal headcount during the pilot work, elaboration of adequate circumstances for performance of a successful trial day, as well as re-survey of the applicants’ opinion at the end of the trial day.

Definition of the process of care on first day

Aim: from the first day shaping the engagement of new coworkers towards the employer

Later care

Definition of tools, schedules, continuous accessibility and development of the order of availability.

Development of engagement

Workshops, evaluations of performance, determination of development tendencies, agreement and presentation of development ideas to the Customer.

Outgoing interviews

Collection, analysis of data, as well as introduction of the results int he development idea.
Managing director
Managing director

Attila Molnár

I am Attila Molnár, my diploma of economics has obtained in 2000 at the College of Modern Business Sciences. Between 2001 and 2005 I worked in the Financing Department of the Commerical and Credit Bank, namely at the beginning as an account manager and later as a regional manager. I have worked with several customer companies such as Nokia, Vodafone or T-Mobile. Between 2005 and 2009 I acted in the bonds of several leading commercial banks and in 2010 I have changed the line and since that time I deal with human resource management. In 2016 I established the NEMO Work Kft. in order that I should be the leader of such a team which, owing to its dynamics, engagement, services’ palette, can attain maximal satisfaction of the customers.